Is located in the Eastern Industrial District of Dzerzhinsk, the Nizhny Novgorod Region. The history of the enterprise dates back to 1938. In 2001 it was returned its historic name, Oka. Ver mas
  Is a leading producer of naphthalene sulfonate products used as dispersants in the concrete admixture, gypsum, oil field, ceramics and polymerization industries. Ver mas
  LG Group founder In Hwoi,Koo set LG history in motion with the establishment of the Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. in 1947. During those formative years, the company emphasized the principle of creating harmony among people. The employees believed that mutual trust and responsibility were crucial to accomplishing business objectives.  Ver mas
  Operates as the biggest single line EDC based manufacturer in the world. From our headquarters and own production plant in the Netherlands. they export ethylene amines to well over 50 countries globally. Hereby interacting with more than 15 different strategic markets. Ver mas
  Amino is much more than a chemical manufacturer, is a company specializing in research, development, standardization, production, marketing and servicing of specific polyurethane formulations and ready for final use in different segments. Ver mas

DDW's wide array of naturally derived colorings, along with our sought after caramel color and burnt sugar, helps sell two billion servings of foods and beverages every day. Take your food and beverage products from ordinary to extraordinary with the perfect hue of natural coloring. Ver mas

  Multiquimica is a group of companies engaged in providing industrial raw materials, serving the industry since 1984 with high quality products, advanced technology and a focus on total customer satisfaction Ver mas